Suncoast Performing Arts Foundation believes that it is critical to introduce children to the performing arts for them to grow into well rounded adults. An appreciation for the various genres of the performing arts is so important to this group that it has undertaken the sponsorship of the Children's and Family Series beginning with the 2010-2011 season. It also provides funding for various outreach programs so that children who may not normally experience live theater are able to attend performances

The belief that exposure to the performing arts results in a more effective adult extends beyond opening the doors to the audience side of the theater. Since 1998 our Foundation has awarded scholarships to qualifying students for participation in the Largo Cultural Center's Summer Theater Camps. These camps, which have expanded to two three week sessions each summer, one for children 8-13 years of age, the other for children 12-18 allow participants to explore the on and off stage components of live theater by participating in the staging of a live drama, musical or revue. The young thespians learn about casting, set design, directing and producing not to mention acting, song and dance. The camps culminate with an amazing show each session.

Suncoast Performing Arts Foundation is proud to play a meaningful role in the artistic development of our young residents.